It's time to end

the student loan crisis

We finance your education with income share agreements because you should graduate without worrying about paying back money you don't have.


There’s a student loan crisis in America

$ 1,500,000,000,000

Total outstanding student loan debt


Total number of graduates with debt


Expected default rates by 2023

What is an income share agreement?

An income share agreement (ISA) is a contract in which students receive tuition money in exchange for promising a percentage of future earnings

Income Share Agreement Approval Disclosure

Income Share Agreement Terms:

Funding amount

[$ 10,000]

Income share


Payment term

[5 Years]

Minimum threshold

[$ 25,000]

Payback cap



Financial flexibility

Payments based on your actual income ensure that you will never pay more than you are able to


Never again worry about confusing terms and unexpected fees – you will only ever have one number to think about with us

Built in protections

The minimum income threshold and payback cap mean that if you make zero, you pay zero, and if you make 1,000,000, you won’t be on the hook for all of it

ISA calculator

Income Share Agreement Calculator

Use this calculator to determine how much an income share agreement might cost you

Your Income Share Rate:


Per month, for:

60 Months

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